I spent the morning taking photos of our sheep out to pasture.  They are so wooly and cute right now.  I just love the way they look out on fresh spring grass. 

Texel Ewe

Usually hair sheep can keep their tails, unlike wool sheep.  Here is Paige.  She was once a bottle lamb at mom and dad’s who made her way to our farm. 

Dorper Ewe grazing.  (Shorty)

Dorper Ram Lamb

Dorper Ram Lambs headed out to pasture.

New hair sheep, Dorper, baby nursing.

The two proud papas.

Merle is up front and Cash is in the back.

Romanovs are flighty little sheep, but really make for nice lambs.  Here are two Romanov/Dorper cross ram lamb twins.

Texel Ewe munching.  (Burns)

Texel Lamb

Texel Ram Lamb

Texel mama and baby

Texel ewe grazing

Texel ewe lamb…you want to talk about a stout little critter.  Texels make for some hefty little lambs.

Texel ewe lamb

Another chunky little Texel ewe lamb by her mama’s side.  Texels are nice heavy milkers who can provide milk for their lambs for many weeks.

A lost little soul up in the lots.  He misplaced his mama.

Texel ramb lambs

We had an SUV stopped out on the hill overlooking our pasture just watching them.  They sat up there for 20 minutes or so…taking it all in.  Hank the llama and over 100 sheep grazing away.

We will be holding on to our lambs until fall in hopes of a good market.  Until then we will try our hardest not to get too attached and take good care of them.

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