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Dad’s Building…Bad Weather…

With high winds for two days in a row and then possibly a tornado touching down at mom and dad’s there is a lot of cleanup and rebuilding to be done.

Dad lost one of his new sheep buildings.  It blew all the way over onto it’s roof landing on some of his sheep.  Him and mom went outside at 5:30 am and with the tractor lifted the building up.  They were able to pull four lambs out alive, but 2 ewes and 2 babies weren’t so lucky.

This is the front entrance to the building.

Where the forks of the tractor buckled the roof trying to get the babies out.

More holes in the roof.

Here is the foundation where the building used to set.  It just broke off at the ground and blew over.  It could have been a lot worse with so many sheep laying behind the building out of the wind that night.  It was a huge loss, but still grateful it wasn’t any worse.

With forecasts for extremely high winds on the way again, Dad went out early and pulled all the pro-panel off by himself to try to salvage as much of it as he could to rebuild.  The roof is still underneath all the wood frame.  He will have to pull it off also to see if he can’t salvage some of it as well.

Until then the mamas and babies are out in the element with no shelter from the cold spring rain, hail, and storms that come with spring in Kansas.

1 thought on “Dad’s Building…Bad Weather…”

  1. So sorry about loosing the sheep and the shed being damaged. Didn’t know that you were having such high winds.


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