Grandma’s Cats…

Sunday was cat trapping day at Grandma’s.  She has 13 cats and wanted her females spayed so the cycle would not continue toward an uncontrollable number of cats.  You think 13 already sounds uncontrollable.  Try thinking about 5-7 females having litters of 5 or so kittens.  Boo….population explosion!  We just could not let that happen.

Grandma actually caught the first two in this dog crate.  They went crazy spilling their food and trying to find a way out.

With all the comotion from the first two there was no way the other cats were falling for that trick.  So we had to break out the live traps.  Randy got the traps all set, and I put some sof t food at the back of each one.  Then we headed inside and Grandma, Randy, and I watched as the cats slowly crept back around the feeding area and one by one got locked in the traps. 

We marked the males with purple marking paint and let them go and moved the females one by one into the dog crates and loaded them into the back of Grandma’s pickup.  They spent the night in the garage, and Mom took them to the vet first thing this morning.

One apparently got loose at the vet’s office, but all have been recovered and all is well.  We will pick them up tomorrow for a new life on the farm.

We still have 4 more to catch and either take to the vet to be spayed or if they are male mark them and let them go.  Our vet is also marking all the females once they are spayed so we won’t accidently haul them back in to her.

Have a great Monday!

1 thought on “Grandma’s Cats…”

  1. Kitty wrangling at its finest! Just caught up on a couple months of your posts, and as usual I learned a thing or two about simple living and was inspired your virtuous goals as a household! Jordan and Magic say “hello” and “meah,” respectively.


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