Unfair Bed Assignments…

Our second born is holding his position as Vice Alpha.  Over his dead body will the new guy surpass him.

He may be bigger, but size doesn’t matter.  The little guy still gets the big bed.

Fortunately, Thai is good-natured and lets the little guy push him around.  Koal isn’t letting go of his position as second in command anytime soon.

Who is Alph?  Who is first in command you ask.

That would be this big mess of a dog who by the way isn’t allowed on the bed.

That would be my spot she’s wallowing all over.  Love it!

Ash got the biggest bed of all!

1 thought on “Unfair Bed Assignments…”

  1. Our grandbabies are adorable as ever. Can’t wait to see them & you guys in May. Love You!


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