Cat Surgery…

Randy got home the other evening to find Cooter hurt.  So he loaded him up and took him to the vet before they closed.  He ended up having to leave him there overnight to have surgery, get stitches, and drainage tubes.

I’m headed to town with him tomorrow for his two week check up and to have the stitches and tubes removed.  He’s done really well and took his nasty medicine like a champ.  We will give him a dab of yogurt for a few days to get his good bacteria replenished since he was given an antibiotic, and he should be good as new.

The vet didn’t think it was from another cat or a dog (coyote).  We are really leaning toward a hawk.  They are really thick right now.  The location of the wound, the type of wound, the multitude of hawks in our area…..we’re thinking big bird got him.


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