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Our trip to North Carolina (part 4)…

Once we arrived at my aunt and uncle’s in Blowing Rock it was time to relax a bit and enjoy being outside.


Along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The views are amazing.  My aunt and uncle took us for a drive the first evening we arrived.  The sun setting and the leaves turning made for some really pretty scenery.


Randy, my Aunt Phyl, and her two dogs Ike (black), and Ozzie (apricot)



Hiking through their Christmas tree farm.  It’s beautiful there.





We also did a little hiking on our own while we were there.  It was a fun trail for the two of us flat land people.




Our celebration photo for actually making it to the top!

We had such a good time on our trip.  We received more “roll tides” than ever before.  It started with the flight attendant on our Wichita to Atlanta flight and didn’t stop the entire trip.  You gotta love Southerners!

My aunt and uncle were great hosts to us during our stay there.  We were so grateful to get to take a vacation and at such a beautiful time of year.

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