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Efficiently Inspired….

I just read a post here about how to become more energy efficient.  This family is amazing!

A couple things I would like to try soon:

Charging our cell phones in our cars rather than at home

Figuring out how to unplug all those LCD lights/clocks (microwave, stove, etc.)

Unplugging even more electrical appliances (we already to this to some extent, time to get radical)

Buy a blanket for our hot water heater (even though it is inside, our heat is off so our house can get cool at times)

Buy these oil lamps

Maybe some wall oil lamps if I can find some reasonably priced

Solar lights for our driveway

In the future:

I would love to have a wood cook stove

A basement to utilize during the hot summer months and for food storage (i.e. cellar, cold storage)

A sunroom/green house attached to the house for heat in the winter

Convert our pool power supply to solar…..maybe even our well house and pump

Solar lights for our sheep buildings (exterior)

An outdoor solar shower (summer time by our pool)

The post on Generation Cedar really got me thinking of ways Randy and I can cut back.  Especially with just the two of us.  Randy is really good to about listening to my crazy ideas and implementing them as best he can or as long as he can stand it.  I can’t do without my hot shower, but maybe we could make up some ground in the summer by using an outdoor solar shower.

This site is great for seeing how much energy you are using even when you think things are “off.”



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