Around the Homestead

Another Busy Weekend…

Friday, I rode to work with Randy, did some shopping, and went to get a massage.  I received a deep tissue, aromatherapy massage.  It was wonderful.  I was sore and tired afterward and was instructed to take a hot bath with Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar and drink lots of water.

Randy worked a half day, so I picked him up after my massage and we headed home.  Initially we were going to go to the fair.  We both decided against it.  Our decision was part financial, part time, and mine was part cleansing.  I go to the fair primarily to eat.  Eating fair food after a massage I was using as the beginning of a cleansing or at least dietary modification didn’t seem to fit.  Our Plan B was to head home early, eat a light lunch, and work on some projects around the house; Randy in the garage working on his pickup, and I in the house, garden, or wherever getting caught up from the week.  We grabbed lunch from Subway.  I got a veggie sub to as a part of my vow to avoid meat from animals raised in feedlots (inhumanely-raised).  It was good!

We ended up in our family room, curled up on the sofas, watching Nostradamus 2012, and falling asleep for nearly a 2 hour nap.  It was so nice and out of the ordinary.  We woke up in time to do a few things before starting our evening chores. 

While shopping I did end up with a couple, long sought after, purchases:

A Crock Pot with a timer:  I can set the time and temp for cooking and when it’s done it turns to “warm” until we are ready for it.  It will be great for us since we work 10 hour days and spend 2 hours on the road.  Twelve hours is too long for pretty much anything in a crock pot.  I got mine on sale at Dillon’s Marketplace for $11.99…BARGAIN! 

Yesterday’s New Cat Litter:  Made from recycled newspaper, biodegradable, and non-toxic for our 4 kitties.  We will have a separate compost bin strictly for our cat litter to use on non-edible plants.

And a big(ger) bad of Couscous.  This is good with butter and honey for breakfast or cooked in broth like brown rice.

Dillon’s Marketplace was my main stop.  They have a great selection of organic and ethnic food.  This is also where I found my crock pot and cat litter.  Who needs Wal-Mart!

Saturday, I pulled out some of our not-so-productive tomato plants, worked up some hard spots in the garden, and tossed some turnip seeds out.  We plan to open the garden up to the sheep this winter.  So the turnips will be for them to eat.  The chickens can have what the sheep leave behind.  Before the sheep or chickens get their turn at the turnips, Randy and I will pull a few to use in place of potatoes for a few months.  We cook them along with our meat and hardly notice the difference.

Sunday, was spent preserving the garden harvest….29 quarts of tomatoes and 2 (bulging)quarts of okra (in the freezer) to be exact. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I have more photos to post soon!

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