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A Long Holiday Weekend…

We have had a busy couple of weeks.  My Dad and two other guys have been working to rebuild the roof over our front entry and porch.  It leaked really badly due to it being a more-or-less flat roof.  So the guys built it up so the water will run off better.






 Daily messes we got to clean up when we got home from work.


You can see here how much the roof was built up over the existing roof.

My order came in from Abundant Acres so I had tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and wolf berries to plant.  I wasn’t all that impressed with my order from them.  The plants were really over grown, and I’ve had to really work to keep them alive.  They yellow when I got them which I related to being shipped in a pitch black box.  Hopefully they will come around.  The rest of my tomatoes from Mom’s store are doing really well.  I also got soaker hoses ran throughout the entire garden on Friday.


Here you can see how gangly my heirloom tomatoes were when they arrived.



Compost Bin

 Randy was so good to help me Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning in the garden.  We mulched the entire thing with leftover hay from the sheep’s pen.  It’s a shame they waste (expensive) hay, but at least it was put to good use in the garden.


We missed the majority of the Memorial Day activities, but our garden looks great, our pool is open for business (once it warms up), and Randy had some time to work on his pickup engine while I did housework and cooked.

We had a really productive weekend!

1 thought on “A Long Holiday Weekend…”

  1. Wow! The house looks great!! What a lot of work…not just a new roof, huh? Love seeing all the pictures! Can’t wait to see it in person in a few days!!! 🙂


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