Around the Homestead

A Weekend Update…

Friday was spent doing the normal chores around the house.  I did get all our bushes and trees mulched.  I also made potato salad (first time) that turned out really well and a strawberry-rhubarb pie (Randy’s favorite) that turned out not-so-well.  Randy was a good sport, thanked me, complemented me, and ate the whole thing.

Randy came home early to go to the doctor.  Still not sure what is wrong with him, so I am going to try to get him in with our Kinesiologist today if at all possible.  He was bitten by a tick right before he traveled to Ohio for classes and hasn’t felt well since. 

Randy worked on putting the engine together for his pickup Saturday morning while I did laundry and some work in the garden.  We sheared at Dad’s and finished up the few who were missed due to rain.  A friend of Randy’s also brought over his nine sheep to shear.

We have decided to make a conscious effort to make our Sundays a day of “rest.”  We will hopefully use this day for relaxation, fun, or at least some of our easier projects.  However, we spent the early part of this Sunday morning rolling barbed-wire balls into the back of the pickup and picking up old wooden hedge posts all around the pasture to take to the dump.  It was not exactly easy or fun or relaxing, but it is done and the pasture looks so much nicer now.  Randy continued working on his engine while I finished up laundry.  I also hilled and mulched our potato plants in hopes we will get a good crop of potatoes this year. 

Sunday afternoon we got cleaned up and headed to town.  We met at our friend’s, Josh and Angie’s, house to meet Angie’s mom, Nancy, so she could notarize the last of our adoption papers.  Her and her husband drove up on their Harley.  She is too cute, and we so appreciated her meeting us and helping us complete our paper work. 

We attended two graduation parties and saw lots of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.  We had a great time, stayed too late, and had to hurry through chores before getting to bed.  Today I am sleepy and ready for an early night. 

Dinner is baked spaghetti I pulled out of the freezer this morning.  It is one I already made up and is ready to bake.  I also pulled a baggie of homemade mozzarella to sprinkle on top of it.  No garlic bread though.  We at an entire loaf of bread this weekend, and I only made one.  So it will be a bread-less week until I can make more again on Friday.

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

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