Around the Homestead

A Week of Vacation…

We had a wonderful week with Randy’s Dad and Step mom, Brenda.  They are so helpful when they visit.  Grandma’s pasture behind our house that we use for our sheep is now fenced in thanks to Randy and Roger.  We have it divided down the middle to provide for rotational grazing.  The girls couldn’t be happier to have fresh grass to graze.  They have been on the ram’s little pasture and the rams are on hay and will stay there another three weeks for the cycle of worms to end (rotational grazing) before they can go back out on their pasture.  Poor guys are not happy with the situation.  Brenda gave them plenty of weeds she had pulled out of the flowerbeds to eat, and Roger raked our Bermuda in the backyard after Randy mowed and tossed it over for them.  The rams let the Bermuda dry for a day and then pigged out on it.

I have a new flower bed, the garden is underway, our twin bed from the baby’s room is tucked away in a closet until it is needed later on, and our dog house is painted.  Everything looks so green and pretty around our home.


Flowerbed in the Making


Grass Clippings to rake and feed to the rams and chickens

I am still waiting on my heirloom seeds and tomatoes from Abundant Acres.  I think I asked they be delivered the second week in May (this week), but I ordered them so long ago I truly can’t remember.  In the meantime I have gotten some plants from Mom’s store (14 of them so far).  The potatoes are up and the onions are growing like crazy.  The spinach and lettuce in the flowerbed next to the house finally came up and the marigolds in the garden are out of control.  Gardening is good!

Dad is supposed to start up again on our roof/re-modeling job we started last fall.  Weather permitting he hopes to start today and have it closed in before the rain hits again Friday night.  Cross your fingers.  I should have taken a “before” shot.  Oh well, maybe I can rummage one up from my archives.

Our chickens are laying about 16-17 eggs on average a day (18 last night).  We are up to our ears in eggs.  I have an 18-pack “aging” in the fridge as we speak in hopes when I boil them they will peel easy so I can make egg salad.  **Fresh eggs don’t peel well at all.  Makes you wonder how old those store-bought eggs are when the shell practically falls off of them in one piece.

Randy is home after being gone since Sunday.  Thankfully his trip was a safe one and his flight home was uneventful although it was questionable at times.  He is off today and taking care of things (after he gets caught up on his sleep).  I had no morning chores at 3:45 and will hopefully not have evening chores or dinner to cook tonight.  Yea for me!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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