Around the Homestead

Homestead Update…

Randy took Friday off to tear down the engine for our 4-wheel drive pickup.  I dusted and vacuumed our house.  I also finished organizing our back closets and moving heavy objects off of the top shelves of the closet we will be using a storm shelter if needed.  I replaced records, board games, and movies with blankets, sleeping bags, and patio furniture cushions.  They will be much nicer to come crashing down on top of us in a tornado than a stack of records.


We started back on our cod liver oil.  We had been slacking to say the least.  I have also added Primrose Oil to the mix to try to help with some PMS issues.  Maca is also on my list of supplements to start taking, but I tasted the powder the other day.  I may have to put it in capsules to get it down the hatch.  I’m not sure my smoothies can mask its taste.  What a girl has to go through to ward off mood-swings.


Saturday was fence day.  We got a late start due to a corn issue.  Our grain cart had leaked from all the rian and the remaining corn was now moldy so we couldn’t feed it to our sheep.  We bucketed the bad corn out of the cart, rinsed the cart, and headed to the co-op for fresh corn.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat for lunch and headed out to roll up barbed-wire fencing.  We got the entire half-mile stretched rolled that afternoon, finishing up right before the rain hit.  Here is what remains of what once was a barbed-wire fence.


Just to give you an idea, the post hiding behind the ball is about 4 feet tall.  I was the wire roller, but have to admit I handed to task over to Randy toward the end.  The ball was just too big for me to roll.  There are 4 balls of wire total that got rolled up Saturday.  The other ones aren’t quite this big. 


Sunday was yard day and boy did it need it.  Randy ran the weed eater and mowed while I pulled weeds in all our flower beds and bucketed them over to the sheep.  The wind was blowing a million miles an hour, so it was a little nerve-wracking at times.  It looks so nice now that it is all done and the sheep were pleased to have something fresh and green to munch on.


Last night Randy went out after dinner and pulled ALL the posts where we had taken down the barbed-wire Saturday.  I couldn’t believe he was able to get them all pulled in one evening. 




A mix of t-posts and wooden posts had to be pulled.


I spent the evening cooking, cleaning up dinner, and feeding bottle lambs (giving special attention to a sick ewe lamb we have been doctoring).  We also have a rooster with a hurt foot who needs some extra attention in the evenings.  I give him a pile of scratch grain and feed and bat away the other chickens while he devours his dinner.  I do think he is getting better, but only time will tell if he can make a full recovery.


looking_back_at_house_compressed This is a view from the north end of the pasture looking back at the house.  Wish it was a little greener, but I love the view from out here green or not.


Have a wonderful day!

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