Ash’s bath time…


For those of you who have never had the opportunity to be the proud owner’s of a blue heeler….well you just haven’t lived.  This little girl has given us more headaches and laughs than any of our other animals put together.

Her list of catastrophes is endless, but here is a quick rundown of what occured the other evening.

I got home from work and let all three dogs inside as usual.  I started getting stuff around for supper and putting things away from the day.  I kept getting a wiff of something not-so-pleasant.  After searching and searching for what I thought might be an accident in the house (which hasn’t happened in FOREVER) I bent down to pick up my purse that was laying near our blue heeler, Ash.  Eh hem, I found out what the odor was.  She smelled somewhere between a dead animal and animal poo.  I hurried her outside to wait for Randy to get home to deal with her.  She’s techinically his dog by the way!

When he got home he tried to wipe her down (with a wash cloth I (used to) us to wash my face with, it was promptly disposed of after (I threw a fit) he wiped our poo covered dog down with it) to no avail and deteremined a bath was in order. 

And so it begins!

Poor thing!

And finally, when she knows the end is near, she forgives her dad with a kiss.

This did NOT, however, rid her entirely of the smell.  She was definitely more pleasant to be around post bath anyway.

Just remember, when your dog is bad, we probably have one who is worse if that makes you feel any better at all.  Have a great day!

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