Around the Homestead

Catching up…

I thought I would post some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

The pumpkin soup did not come without casualties.

Notice the pumpkin puree splattered across her back.  heehee 

This is a fun little area by the pool.  We like to sit here in the evenings after we do chores and give our two cats some attention before putting them in the pool house for the night.

Randy throwing corn for our sheep.

We just recently fenced in our pool.  My dad and brother were nice enough to help, along with a friend of our’s not pictured.

The progress.

A gate in progress.

Randy and I after church a couple Sundays ago.

Here is a quick tour of our home.  Where I spend most of my little life… the kitchen.

The next two are of our living room.  Our bad little dog likes to curl up in a ball on the back of this particular chair.  He can see out the windows perfectly and no matter how much we scold him we he continues to perch here when we are not around.

This is our family room.  We like to snuggle up back here with our heater cranked up in the wintertime and relax.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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