Around the Homestead

Wednesday on our Homestead…

Nothing very exciting for a Wednesday, but the usual chores.  Dinner included:

Venison steaks on the grill

Baked tomatoes

Cucumber salad

Garlic Bread

Randy is working on my mom’s car and should have it done today.  I worked on finishing up the electric fence around our backyard.  Our dog Thai (below) has a problem with biting the sheep.  We have goat fencing up which only has 4 inch stays, but he was still getting through.  So, we attached two inch chicken wire to the goat fencing, and he still continued to get his nose through to bite the sheep.  So, as a futile attempt we ordered an underground fence for run along the bottom of the fence.  It has seemed to work, but there is an area we would like him to be able to get to, so we are twisting the wire to cancel out the beep/vibrate of that area.

He’s a cute little guy, but he has to stop biting the sheep.  I know, I know, he’s a hearding dog, but he has really hurt some of them. 

I was on chore duty which includes feeding the rams corn, collecting eggs, watering everyone, and closing everyone up for the night.  Last night it also included dragging the protein tub out of the ewes pen.  We put it in every couple of days, but have to take it out every once in awhile or they will eat the whole thing in one setting.  Little pigs!

I also played ball with the “cow” dogs.  Ash and Thai love to play ball and live for our time in the backyard playing fetch.  Koal on the other hand likes to be chased around the backyard which isn’t the handiest game for me, but I do it because I love the little guy.

I got my stuff around for the following day and headed to bed to curl up and read for a little bit.  I am currently reading Without a doubt:  Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions.  I haven’t really been all that impressed with the book.  I want facts and this book just isn’t meeting my expectations.  I have also started reading Real Food.  So far so good.  It kind of reminds me of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which is a great book my aunt gave to me.  The other two are from the library as I am a library junkie!

Today is my  last day of work for the week, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Here’s a quick recap of our menu for the week:

Monday:  Tacos (homemade ww tortillas, spanish rice, sour cream, salsa, and local beef)

The rice was soaked (NT) and cooked up ahead of time.  I used home-canned rotel to make up my salsa and milk from a local dairy for the sour cream.

Tuesday:  We were supposed to go to a meeting for an animal rescue group we are involved with, but I wasn’t feeling well.  So, we had Chicken Noodle Soup and Egg Sandwiches.

The chicken broth was our of our freezer.  I had boiled off a rooster we had butchered (ourselves) and not to gross you out, but 3 pair of chicken feet.  The chicken feet are loaded with gelatin and made a wonderful broth.  Carrots from the garden, ww noodles, and sea salt.  The eggs were from our chickens and served on homemade ww bread.

Wednesday:  above

Thursday (tonight):  We were supposed to have scrambled eggs, but our neighbors would like to buy 5-6 dozen eggs, so we may have a change of plans to conserve eggs.

Maybe sandwiches of some sort and Chicken and Rice Soup.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I hope to get some cleaning done around the house.  I’m also going to try to devise a plan to take down some wallpaper and paneling in our spare bedroom so we can paint it.  This includes removing trim, so I’m not looking forward to the task.


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