Around the Homestead

Day 2 without buying groceries…

It was a hectic evening at our house.  I was running late after stopping to pick up fall flowers for Mom’s store.  Randy had to hop in the tractor and finish mowing a portion of our pasture, and I headed in the house to make tortillas for dinner.  I had pulled some taco soup out of our deep freeze to warm up when we needed a quick meal.  Added some tomatoes from the garden, some shredded cheddar cheese, and we had dinner.  My sour cream had taken a turn for the worse, so I started a pan of milk on the stove to make a new batch so we would have some for next time.

I also finished up a load of laundry, moved my kefir to the refrigerator, did the evening chores (3 eggs were collected by the way, the girls are really getting with it), and made up lunches for the next day.  It was a busy, hectic evening, and with the sun setting earlier and earlier we are feeling the crunch to get everything done in the evenings.

We noticed one of our dogs, Thai, has a rash (maybe from cleaning the carpets) and both our cats are due for their yearly appointments.  The vet’s September mortgage payment may be on us this month!  But aren’t they worth it.

Thai play ball in our backyard.

Have a great day!

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