Around the Homestead

August in Pictures…

I’m going to play catchup with some pictures now that my camera is reading my memory card again.

Here is a Hoosier cabinet passed along for my cousin.  It was my great grandma’s, and I’m excited to be the one to acquire it.

My latest library books!

What’s living under our house.  I call him our “Army Pig.”

One of the many moths that flutter around our four o’clocks.

More herbs for winter use.

A fun little home in Michigan on our way home from a wedding.

Me (left) and a friend, Sarah in Lawrence, Kansas.

Last night I was home alone while Randy was visiting the chiropractor for a back injury.  So, the critters and I decide (well, I decided they really had no choice) to do a photo shoot.  Here is what we came up with.

Ash playing ball.

Koal just being entirely too cute!

Thai, “on you mark, get set…..”

Rooster on the run!


One of our ewe lambs, Minnie, keeping cool by the stock tank.  We don’t name all our sheep, but this little girl was a bottle baby.

That pretty much sums up August for us.  The garden hasn’t been all that impressive.  Luckily, there is a farmer’s market right across the street from where I work (I’m headed there today).  So, I can stock up on fresh produce from other peoples good fortune.

Oh, and the fall weather came and went here.  We are back into the mid-upper nineties for the rest of the week.  It was good while it lasted.

Have a wonderful day!

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