Beet Kvass…

Okay, I am really trying to add one Nourishing Traditions meal/recipe to our weekly plans.  I’ve focused on drinks the past two weeks with Kombucha and Beet Kvass, and I have to tell you tasting good and being good for you don’t always go hand-in-hand.  The Kombucha is, as always, good and easy to adjust to.  The Beet Kvass on the other hand is going to take some doing to choke down the 2 quarts sitting in my fridge.  Whoa, it does not taste very good, but I’m going to try to drink the 2 quarts I have, but not so sure I will whip up a batch of this again.  Does anyone have any ideas to make it more palatable?

Also those of you without a cellar, when a NT recipe calls for it to be “moved to cold storage” do you put it in your refrigerator?  I would run out of room if I did this, so I’m not sure how to preserve my bounty with fermentation without either a cold cellar or putting it in the refrigerator.  My fermented cucumber/pickles were terrible and actually (I think) spoiled within a few days in cold storage.  Bummer!

I hope to start soaking my flour, nuts, etc. in the next few weeks and adjust some of the recipes I already have accordingly.  I will let you know how it goes. 

I finally got my camera working properly again, so hopefully my entries will be a little more interesting in the future.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

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