Around the Homestead

Sorry, we’ve been busy…

We have been busy, busy on our little farm.  Our garden is doing just okay, and I opted out of much of a fall garden due to the weather.  It has been so cool and dreary here the past week or two.  Usually this time of year we are fighting triple digits and wind, but it’s only in the 80s for a high and 60s at night.  We love the weather, but being unseasonable it has its disadvantages.  Our garden isn’t producing very well and our sheep are getting sick due to the damp, cool weather.  I just had to run one of rams to the vet this morning and got a late start at work.  Hopefully we got him doctored early enough, but with sheep you just never know.  They’re a little tricky! 

I did make Kombucha tea and get my hummingbird feeder filled last night along with doctoring and injured ram lamb and giving our sick ram a shot of vitamin B complex.  Tonight we will start all three rams on alfalfa, a protein block, and vitamin c powder on their feed.  They need a boost before breeding season rolls around, and it will be here before we know it.

Our Rhode Island Reds are slowly but surely starting to lay eggs.  We have 16 remaining after a skunk got into our coop and killed 9 of them.  Randy buried tin 2 feet deep all the way around the outside, and we haven’t had a problem since.  We allowed the chickens out on the garden Sunday afternoon, but they put a nice dent in our tomato harvest and won’t be allowed out again.  The banties are great for just letting run loose on the garden.  They do minimal damage, are good foragers for grubs, and take care of all the bugs.  The Rhode Islands are bigger and apparently less careful around the vegetation because they demolish everything in their path to eat bugs.

We will just keep enjoying the cool weather while it lasts.

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