Found Australian Shepherd mix…


On my way to work this morning I found a dog laying on the side of the road.  I almost hit it and figured someone else had and just left him.  I turned around assuming I would take it to the vet near work and it would probably have to be put down because it wasn’t getting up.  When I got turned around I saw two other dogs in the ditch with it.  The hurt dog wagged its tail when I talked to it and the other two bolted (some friends).  He had a collar, but no tags and turned out to be an Australian Shepherd with a hurt front foot.  I called Randy, loaded him in the car, and headed home.  He’s kenneled in our garage with food and water.  I’ve left notes, talked to, and called all the houses around where I found him.  I’ve emailed and called radio stations and vets, so now we wait to see if anyone claims him.  He’s not fixed, so no wonder he was on the run.  People just irritate me.  Our dogs, Koal and Ash, don’t know we have company.  They probably aren’t going to be pleased.  We may have found Ash’s replacement since she is beyond useless as a sheep herding dog : )

 Randy and I have a habit of acquiring stray or abandoned dogs.  A part of me always wants to find the owner and a part of me always wants to keep them.

Whatever the ending is to this story, I hope it’s a happy one.

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