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Cinco de Mayo…

Ever since Randy and I lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and worked at Burro Loco, a Mexican restaurant there, we have tried to acknowledge Cinco De Mayo even if only in a small way.

Yesterday, I soaked the rice, made homemade tortillas, and browned our usual ground hamburger/venison combination.  Then, the UPS man showed up with our electric fence cable.  I put everything into bowls in the fridge, and Randy and I spent the evening putting up electric cable in our pasture.  Dinner ended up being grill cheese sandwiches with homemade tomato soup I had canned the summer before.  Quick and easy!

You learn to adjust after a few years on the farm.  Something always seems to pop up and plans get changed on a regular basis.  Tonight, unless something else comes up, we will have our Mexican dinner in recognition of a belated Cinco de Mayo.

We now have ½ of our pasture (about 15 acres) fenced with electric fencing so our lambs can’t squeeze through the old existing fence and wreak havoc on my garden and Dad’s wheat field. 

They are calling for thunderstorms for the next two days, but we hope to get the other ½ of the pasture fenced, so we can stay on track with our three week rotational grazing.  We are trying to improve the quality of our pasture and decrease the need for de-wormer.

My in-laws are arriving this weekend and will be here for 10 days.  They are lots of help to us when they are here.  They have us make a list of things we would like to accomplish while they are here, and we work like crazy until they leave.  They are so great to help us around the farm.

Our Texel ram lambs are ready to sell.  Yeah!  We have two people interested already, so hopefully we will make a nice profit off of them this year.  They have done really well and look good, so hopefully others think so as well and buy them : )

Have a wonderful week!

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