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Moving our chicks to safety…

Well the chicks were safe and sound this morning.  Last night we loaded all of them up and moved them back into our garage/shop, and Randy put cinder blocks all the way around the perimeter of the coop.  This morning he could see where the skunk had tried to dig under the blocks and wall to get in and didn’t make it.  This will only be a temporary solution for a couple of reasons.  It doesn’t look all that attractive, and I don’t think it will deter the critters forever. 

We are planning on digging a trench around the outside wall of the coop and burying tin at least 2 feet down.  Basically we will be extending the wall into the ground two feet.  Hopefully this will keep everyone out of our coop. 

The numbers were a little better than Randy first thought.  We ended up losing nine chicks and are still debating on whether or not we will replace them or not.  If we do it will be in the fall when we get our Cornish Rocks to raise for meat.

The sheep are doing well and see to be enjoying the pasture as opposed to hay.  We are getting closer to weaning which is never fun for anyone. 

We are late getting our sheep recorded to the Texel Sheep Breeders Society, so we will probably have to pay a penalty on a couple of them.  Oops, that is kind of my responsibility, and I pretty much dropped the ball.

My plants from Abundant Acres are supposed to be here tomorrow.  They were pushed back a week due to a late freeze. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.

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