I placed and order yesterday from Vitacost.  It shipped the same day.  I was so excited.  I had originally checked Amazon for these items, but found them cheaper at Vitacost

Twinlab Super C Powder

Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Unflavored

Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil

Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99.

The vitamin C and the unflavored CLO is for the dogs, specifically our little mutt with allergies.  I’m leaning toward atopic dermatitis and hope the CLO and Vitamin C will help.  Vitamin C is suppose to work as a natural antihistamine amongst other things.

I’m comparing the Twinlab CLO to the Carlson CLO we already have on hand.  I would love to pay $4-$5/bottle compared to $23-$25/bottle. 

I also placed and order from More than Alive for herbs to make our own shampoo (nettle, sage, and rosemary).  I usually order from Mountain Rose Herbs, but they were out of a few things I needed.  More than Alive ended up being less expensive because you don’t have to order as much, so it worked out.  I also ordered a book from them Created to be His Helpmeet.  I have wanted to read this for a long time, and our library doesn’t have it so I coughed up the money and bought it.  I’ve read mixed reviews on it and want to see for myself what it is like.

I visited the kinesiologist/chipropractor yesterday for an adrenal/thyroid issue.  He put me back supplements containing bovine adrenal, bovine thyroid, carrot, and magnesium citrate, yum.  They seemed to work the last time I took them I just didn’t stick with it. 

I’m also trying to take Virgin Coconut Oil daily (or close to it).  I have also tried to eliminate for cut back on peanuts/peanut butter to help my thyroid.  Peanuts and soybeans, goitrogens, block iodine absorbtion in the body.  It’s always something, right?

Have a great day!

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