Animals, Around the Homestead

It’s been awhile…

I know I haven’t posted recently.  There isn’t a lot going on at our little farm.  Lambing season is winding down.  We had a wonderful season with no casualties thus far.  We still have two more ewes to lamb; one is our absolute favorite, so we still worry about them.

Our black cat, Spooky, has found a new place to sleep and if I can get a photo I will be sure to post it.  He likes to sleep in the nesting boxes in the chicken coop.  Every evening we have to go retrieve him from the coop and put him in the pool house for the night.

We have once again decided to work more with our Blue Heeler and allow her to go out with the sheep more.  She has so much energy; maybe it can be put to good use.

Isn’t she cute?   hahaha

Spring seems to be slowly creeping in.  I have a few seeds started, will start more this weekend, and I’m also trying to get some black berries started from cuttings.  No luck yet, but I was told to cut near the main vine and try to start those cuttings.  This weekend I will cut a few more and see what happens.  I also need to trim up the crabapple tree this weekend.  I can’t wait for crabapple jelly!  The grape vines, boxwoods, apple tree, and black berries have all been trimmed.  I need to go through my herb garden and see what need to been cut back and get them situated.  I’ve been cleaning out lambing pens and using it to much the beds and garden.  Peas are in the ground, so hopefully they start pushing through soon.  I will get my potatoes this weekend so I can get them cut and curing.  I might even try to get some lettuce going in a small box near the house.  Spring is in the air!

Have a wonderful day!

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