Green Living

Earth-Friendly Products

I have been searching the internet for recipes, sources, and ideas for making my own beauty products.  I have come across a couple interesting sites I thought I would pass along: 

More than Alive     This site offers bulk herbs, recipes, and some wonderful books.

Kitchen Cosmetics     Recipes

Abundant Earth      Anything organic or recycled (mattresses, blankets, candles, etc.)

Mrs. Meyer’s     We had some problems getting our kitten, Spooky, to use the litter box.  We use the cheap litter with no fragrance and thought this may be the problem.  So, I bought some of Mrs. Meyer’s Pet Litter Freshener.  It made all the difference in the world.  Now Spooky uses the litter box like he is supposed to.  After reading the label I discovered it is baking soda with clary sage, chamomile, lavender, grapefruit, cypress, and orange essential oils added.  Hmmm, you think I could make this for less than $4.99 a bottle?  Me too.

We are hoping to finish up our passport process with pictures on Friday and going to the post office Saturday to turn in our paperwork and pay.  Then, if we decide we want to go to Canada while we are visiting family in Michigan, we can.  If we decide we want to go to Norway with my in-laws, we can.  Or if by some unbelievable chance we plan a trip to Ireland, we are all set.

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