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New Camera Photo Shoot…

Okay, I bought a Nikon digital camera and didn’t like it at all.  So, I returned it within the 30 days and bought a Kodak.  I love it!  The day I got it I tried it out on my husband and the dogs.  We had a little photo shoot.  It was hilarious.  You think it is tough to get kids to sit still, look at the camera, and not blink.  Try a 5 year old Blue Heeler and a 4 year old mutt!  LOL

Ash (the Blue Heeler) is the least bit photogenic.  I think we got 2/100 with her tongue in her mouth and her eyes open.  Keep in mind I took all the pictures, even the ones I am in.  No timer, just the good ol’ hold the camera out in front of you and hope for the best.

Isn’t that hysterical.  She does it in every picture. 

I was cracking up at her the entire time.  She’s not normal.

Then we have our little prince.  Picture perfect as always.

Here is Koal teasing Ash by rolling around with her football.  If you don’t have pets I highly suggest getting one.  They are so much fun and so entertaining.

Randy will appreciate me posting this fabulous picture of him.  He has the wildest hair I’ve ever seen.  His excuse for it being out of control was, “I was in a hat all day.”  If I’m in a hat all day my hair doesn’t tend to stand on end.  His hair is so funny, I love it!  Sorry honey!

I also baked bread over the weekend and thought I would share.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’m obviously behind on posting so this might not be the last from me today. 

Travel safe this weekend, enjoy the time spent with family, and reflect on all the things you have to be thankful.

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