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Lost entries & Chickens

Now I understand why I have read about people who type up their entries in Word before copying and pasting them into their blog.  Guess I had to completely lose one of the longest entries (a tutorial) I’ve ever done to learn my lesson.  I will now be typing up my entries in Word to prevent this from happening again.

I’m not sure I mentioned the fact that we bought chickens to raise and sell for some extra money.  They were the fast-growing Cornish Rock Broilers.  They are supposed to reach butchering weight in 7-8 weeks (and do).  However, it’s kind of sad as they grow so fast their legs have difficulty holding their fat little bodies up.  Also, they CANNOT be stressed because their hearts are already under so much pressure any stress to their systems can cause them to have heart attacks.  We lost one baby chick and five to what we are guessing were heart attacks.  We hope to eventually build chicken tractors and get some hardier birds who enjoy foraging for their food.  We ended up with 107 chickens when all was said in done.  It’s a rewarding experience and once you taste a farm-raised chicken you won’t ever want to go back.

We are left with 11 banties who provide my dh and I with plenty of eggs.  Sometimes we even have extra to give to my Grandma and Mom & Dad.  Our llama, Hank, who still hasn’t really warmed up to us a whole bunch, but we love him despite his reluctance.  And of course we have our 34 wooly little sheep that we love to pieces.  Oh, and two dogs and two cats, but those are more of a drain on the finances and don’t provide us with any food.  Some of you are probably thinking rodent/critter control, but other than a bird this has yet to be proven either.  However, they give us lots of enjoyment and laughs which mean the most.

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