Tomatoes anyone?


153 to be exact!  Most of these were picked yesterday evening:

These are headed to Mom’s store this morning to hopefully sell.

These are scheduled to be preserved as rotel, V8, and spaghetti sauce this weekend.  I also picked a head of broccoli and some over grown okra.  We have vowed to check the okra every evening.  That is one veggie that is nearly impossible for us to keep up with.  We downsized our okra crop this year, so hopefully we can keep a handle on it.

My dh had to stop to by shock for our pool on his way home, but also stopped to pick up something for me and the dogs:

Nature’s Miracle will be used in my steam cleaner to clean our living room carpet.  Greenies are way too expensive, but we had a $3 off coupon and the dogs love them.  Notice the package says, “54 Teenie”?  Our dogs are far from “Teenie,” however their size was even more pricey so dh opted for the less expensive size.  Way to shop honey!

And since the little ones were being so nosey in the above photo I made them pose for this:

And then Koal and I had a photo shoot.  I won’t bore you with all of them, but I have to share a couple:

I think he’s precious!  He’s the puppy who curls up on your feet when it’s cold, thinks he’s a lap puppy even at 40 pounds, and never barks unless he thinks it’s serious.  We found him under a broken down car in Alabama on our way to work one day along with his brother.  We coaxed them out from under the car and took them to our vet for a check up and their first round of shots (at the time we already had our blue heeler Ash and could only have one more dog to abide by our convenance).  So, our neighbors found a family from their church to adopt one, and we kept the other.  When they say rescued/pound puppies know they have been saved and make the best dogs, Koal is a perfect example of this being true.  He is just happy to be alive and wags his tail 24/7.  **Enter platform:  If you are thinking about adding a dog/cat to your family, ADOPT from your local humane society and always spay and neuter your animals.  You won’t regret it!

It’s the last day of the week for me!  Woohoo!  Tomorrow I will be canning tomatoes, dehydrating onions, and hopefully making laundry soap.  I love my Fridays at home to work around the house.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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