Around the Homestead

Nice Weekend…

We had a really nice weekend!  Friday I spent the day cleaning our entire house.  I dusted, I vacuumed, I did laundry, I mopped, etc, etc.  Randy came home early and finished getting the pool ready.  All that’s left now is for the water to warm up, go solar cover, go!  I harvested my chamomile and have it drying.  I just have the flowers in a cake pan with a flour sack towel over it.  If anyone knows of a better way to dry chamomile please let me know.  I have a dehydrator, but wasn’t sure if I should use it on herbs.  Thanks!

Saturday, we spent the entire day in the garden.  Randy rotortilled in between all the stuff already coming up.  The weeds had gotten out of control, so pulling them wasn’t too appealing.  We used old sudan stubble the sheep didn’t eat to mulch our nearly 30 tomato plants.  It was a mixture of fertilizer and mulch and looks like it’s going to do a great job of both.  We laid soaker hoses along the tomatoes and hope to do the same once we get our okra planted and coming up.  Saturday night we actually curled up to watch a movie which we haven’t done in so long.  It was really nice!

Sunday, we finally made it back to church.  The minute Dad broke his ankle, even our Sundays were sun-up to sun-down, nonstop work.  We are early risers and our church doesn’t start until 9:15.  So, we use the extra time to do the things we enjoy.  I read, Dh plays Playstation!  Just for the record I would like to launch ALL Playstations off the face of the globe, however, he enjoys it so I deal with it.  It happened to be my cousin’s Baptism at church, so it was nice to be a part of it.  We really enjoy our minister and his wife.  Our church is a little, bitty church in a little bitty (unincorporated) place.  Half of it is filled with my family (cousins, aunts, and uncles).  We both really like going and hope to make our Sundays a little more sacred and a time to relax and spend time with each other.  When we got home from church dh mowed the lawn and knocked down the high grass in our rams pen.  I think if our ram could have done a cartwheel to show his appreciation he would have.  He was visibly happier to not be up to his eyeballs in weeds.  He also mowed around our struggling windblock of cedar trees.  They are fighting with the weeds for water and may need more mulch to ensure their survivial.  Sunday afternoon we met my dad and brother at dad’s pond to fish.  Dad caught a nice catfish, but they both threw in the towels early.  We stayed and ended up catching three more fish to add to the collection.  When we got home dh cleaned all four of them (yuck!) while I did chores and got dinner ready. 

At the end of the weekend we could look back, see all we had accomplished, and still feel like we had a break from working. 

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