Around the Homestead

Dinner with family…

We brought our sheep in for the first time since they went out to pasture this year.  We nearly scared them to death walking up on them.  First they ran to the opposite side of the pasture.  Once we got them going in the right direction they ran all the way to the lot.  Poor things were about to die when they got there.  The night before Hank (the llama) led them in.  Hope he can make a habit of that : )

Mom cooked dinner for everyone last night, steaks (she even made me a special cornish hen because she knows I’m not a steak eater).  Grandma came down for dinner also.  It was really nice!  Got to play with our little lamb, CN, for a little bit before we left.  She is so sweet!  You can’t talk very loud when you are outside or she will climb through the gate and come charging at you.

Dh and I had a nice time visiting last night when we got home.  All the chores were done, no dinner to clean up after, no tv, just him and I and our two dogs, Ash and Koal, hanging out.  They loved it too!

Tonight is bath night for the mutts.  Pretty much a side show at the circus.  Ash pants so hard you think her eyes are going to pop out of her skull and Koal sounds like a caged monkey.  If anyone has ever heard a Chow “bark” that’s what the little guy sounds like.  He also unloads 90% of his fur at bath time because it makes him such a nervous wreck.  Can’t wait!

Have a great Wednesday!

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