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Steam Cleaner suggestion…

We have two dogs who we allow in our house.  One is 40 lbs. and the other is nearly 60 lbs.  I know some of you are probably gasping in horror, however, we had the dogs in Alabama and didn’t feel comfortable leaving them outside all the time.  What’s the point of having them if you never see them or they are cooped up in a dog run every day of their life.  I’m climbing down from my soapbox now.~Smile

Anyway, the carpets are needing a thorough cleaning, I was gifted some money for helping Mom and Dad when Dad broke his ankle, and I have chosen to purchase a steam cleaner with the money.  I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions on what to get (i.e. brand, type of spin on the brissels, heated water, etc.).  I’m mainly looking at Bissel and Hoover because that is what the majority of the stores carry.  There is a huge difference in price, but they all seem fairly alike.  Just thought I would see if anyone has a suggestion.  Also, if any of you have pets in the house and would like something safe and effective for spot treating or all over carpet cleaning I highly recommend Nature’s Miracle.  It is an all natural line of pet products and worked great when we were housebreaking our little darlings.

My mom and I are planning a long overdue shopping adventure next Friday, so I am gathering information and making a list of all the things we need.  The closest city is 50 miles away and because my husband drives there everyday we rarely go there when he is off work.  We will be going to Sam’s on our outing.  This will be our major grocery shopping for the season.  We will try to live off the garden as much as possible, but do need to stock up on paper products, coffee, etc.  I’m also looking for some containers to store bulk food in.  Any suggestions?

One more thing, I am trying to order kefir grains today.  Does anyone have a place they use and could recommend?

Thanks for all your help.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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