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Foster Mama…

It rained last night, so chores were interesting last night.  The rain always seems to slow us down, so we didn’t get home from Mom and Dad’s until 8:30.  Dad had a Romanov who had twins and left them (a VERY common occurence sadly enough).  However, a beautiful Katahdin yearling took them under her wing until Randy and I got therer to sort them out.  It was really sad because we put the new mama in a little pen and pulled her twins off the “foster” mom to put with their real mama.  The little Katahdin (foster mom) went wild crying and running around looking for them.  She’s never even had babies before and was still more aware of mothering those babies then their own mama was.  Poor thing!  I think I’ve said it in every blog lately, but I love Katahdins.  Our Texels are WONDERFUL mamas too! 

Our little crier is still not an aggressive eater.  We hold mama and get him to nurse, but he is very reluctant.  Tonight we will be supplementing a bottle if he hasn’t improved.  Another ewe, who is gigantically pregnant, didn’t come for food last night or hay this morning.  Hopefully this is just a sign she is getting ready to lamb.  She is really big and making Randy and I a nervous wreck.  Hopefully she will deliver today without any problems.

Our chickens productivity is down.  Only five eggs yesterday.  The weather hasn’t been the greatest for them, so maybe this is the reason.

Still contemplating the goat milk idea.  Dad thinks we need to find another supplier and give it a second try (he has a bit of a vested interest knowing he could have extra milk for bottle lambs and not have to buy the expensive replacer).  He also mention just buying a good Nubian and trying it for ourselves.  I really think with spring and all the heavy rains the bad flavor of the milk was most likely caused by the multitude of weeds popping up everywhere.  Just a guess!

My dh has requested I take tomorrow off work.  Yea!  I am way behind on housework and baking.  Hopefully the long weekend will help me get caught up around the house.

Have a great Wednesday!

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