Around the Homestead

Tractor Problems…

Randy spent the evening working on Dad’s tractor at their house so I was in charge of the chores. Our ram has become a total pain and butts every chance he gets. He got me when I wasn’t looking and didn’t have my bucket of water to throw at him, so I dunked my arm in the stock tank and gave him a good splash. He still proceeded to butt me, so I emptied their corn and refilled my bucket with water. He looked in the bucket once and left me alone from then on. I’m not convinced he’s smart enough to know the water in the bucket was for him if he didn’t shape up, but who knows. Randy will hopefully finish up the tractor this evening and have it running. Dad hopes to have our garden worked (with the tractor and disk) tomorrow, so we can work it with the rotor tiller to break up the large clumps and get a few things in the ground (peas, carrots, potatoes, and lettuce for sure).

I spent the evening reading a book I just picked up from the library, “Living the Simple Life” by Elaine St. James. So far, so good!

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