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The Last American Man…

I am reading The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert and am so inspired.  There is some harsh language in the book, but if you can overlook this it is a great book.  He is the owner/operator of Turtle Island Preserve.  Randy and I hope to visit for a tour, class, or maybe even the five-day camp sometime soon.

We’ve been busy taking care of sheep, gardening, and just tending to the day-to-day duties of our homestead. 

Prices of everything continue to rise, and we continue to discuss what changes can be made and where we can cut cost.  We are preparing to put a new roof on our house and are very discourage with the cost, but it has to be done.  We are recruiting helpers and trying to wittle away at the expenses the best we can.

We will be headed to Ohio and Michigan soon for two wedding and to visit my in-laws.  Gas is considerably more expensive up north, so we are preparing for the expense of this trip as well. 

Never thought all my reading on “frugality” and being “conservative” would ever come in so handy!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!